Crystal Antlers: “Andrew”

crystal_antlersWoe is me who learned of psych-punk band Crystal Antlers too late (but thanks to the latest Urban Outfitters free playlist) and therefore missed their show at The Rickshaw Stop last Thursday with Constantines and I Was a King. Released in April, the album is not brand-spanking new, per se—but it’s worth checking out either way. Mostly because of this track:

Crystal Antlers – Andrew

Who: Crystal Antlers

What: Tentacles

When: 4.7.09

Where: Long Beach, California

Why: “Don’t let me die all alone.”

How: Touch and Go


2 Responses to “Crystal Antlers: “Andrew””

  1. imallears Says:

    lovin the jam…especially how nicely its embedded in! way to go!

  2. Cindy Says:

    Cool site, just found out about this and am always wanting to hear about bands. Gonna go listen to Crystal Antlers tonight.

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