The Moondoggies: “Bogachiel Rain Blues”

themoondoggiesGod only knows from what inspiration they derived their name, but I would listen to this band anywhere. On the moon. On earth. On Saturn, my favorite planet from my grade school Solar System days. In some other galaxy that we haven’t even discovered yet. Check out this track:

The Moondoggies – Bogachiel Rain Blues

For you lucky folks that will be here in the city on July 2, The Moondoggies will be playing The Rickshaw Stop.  You won’t find me in attendance because I will be off backpacking in a very cool but very undisclosed location. Don’t ask me where—I can’t tell you for fear you’ll add to the already too-big 4th of July outdoor-adventure-seeking crowds. But I’ll be listening to The Moondoggies on the road.

Who: The Moondoggies

What: Don’t Be a Stranger

When: 8.19.2008

Where: Seattle, Washington

Why: “Moonlight in your eyes.”

How: Hardly Art


One Response to “The Moondoggies: “Bogachiel Rain Blues””

  1. Aspen Says:

    I like it, Stella! Thanks for the new, non-depressing musical find (a rarity). Oh and love the embedded mp3s, you technical genius, you!

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