Starfucker: “Medicine”

starfuckerI used to say that the one genre I couldn’t stand was electronica. After listening to Portland’s electropop phenomenon Starfucker (along with Massachusetts’ Passion Pit, of course), I now rescind that statement. This is intelligent foot-tapping music, electronica with an indie edge. Clear the dance floor, Bottom of the Hill. Twinkletoes is in town and ready to boogie tonight. Hopefully to this infectious, talking-track-speckled tune:

Starfucker – Medicine

Who: Starfucker

What: Jupiter

When: 5.5.2009

Where: Portland, Oregon

Why: “Take your medicine.”

How: Badman


2 Responses to “Starfucker: “Medicine””

  1. Celina Says:

    Yeeeessss!! I have been doing stretches all day in preparation for the intense dance party.

  2. digilabspro Says:

    you have so fun…you’ll have so fun! They’re so good!

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