Papercuts: “Future Primitive”

papercuts2Though the common flesh wound to which the moniker of frontman Jason Quever’s musical portal pays tribute is pesky and painful, the songs on the new album, You Can Have What You Want, are anything but. Full of sun and shadows, Papercuts’ fourth album paints an ethereal portrait of floating fields, hazy dreamscapes, and blissful semi-consciousness. As an atmospheric mist seems to permeate the tracks, it comes as no surprise that Quever has called the fog-laden city of San Francisco home for the past ten years.

Featuring reverb-heavy vintage organs and voice, you begin to visualize a world as seen through a plastic camera: a little out of focus, sort of soft around the edges, utilizing a slightly surreal palette. The sailing is so smooth, in fact, you start wishing for a storm to shake things up a bit. His best work here happens when he takes the tempo from slow to slightly less slow, like in “A Dictator’s Lament” and “Future Primitive.”  See him tonight at The Independent, 8 pm. Undecided? Listen to this:

Papercuts – Future Primitive

Who: Papercuts

What: You Can Have What You Want

When: 4.14.2009

Where: San Francisco, California

Why: “The ones you left behind are still with you, my dear.”

How: Gnomonsong


3 Responses to “Papercuts: “Future Primitive””

  1. imallears Says:

    I read somewhere a description of Papercuts as elegant & hazy, totally captures the spirit. Future Primitive is such a great track from that album (Danish calls that song “the soundtrack for San Francisco”) but I personally have grown to love The Wolf & You Can Have What You Want!

  2. castleqwayr Says:

    Nice, Hey I posted a free mini-concert 🙂

  3. Beach House: “Wedding Bell” « Bands Like Girls With Bangs Says:

    […] only are they bringing their ghostly brand of dream pop to Bottom of the Hill tonight (with SF’s Papercuts), but rumor has it that Legrand (niece of French film composer Michel Legrand and singer Chistiane […]

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