Fanfarlo: “I’m a Pilot”

fanfarloFollowing in the footsteps of other geek rockers like The Decemberists, this London-based baroque pop band’s name is a nod to Baudelaire’s 1847 novella La Fanfarlo. For a troupe that’s touting obscure literary references, however, their lyrics remain decidedly accessible to non-library lovers. One walks a fine line between erudite and pretentious, but they’ve managed to pass the sobriety test.

Often referred to as a British Arcade Fire, Fanfarlo is selling their debut album Reservoir (produced by Peter Katis, who has worked with The National and Interpol) for only $1 until this Saturday, July 4th here.  After that, you can celebrate your musical independence by paying full price through your distributor of choice. Or by downloading it illegally through your preferred pirate. Check out the waxing/waning nature of one of the tracks below:

Fanfarlo – I’m a Pilot

Who: Fanfarlo

What: Reservoir

When: 2009

Where: London, England

Why: “If I stay in this room, they’ll remember me for my youth.”

How: Raffle Bat


One Response to “Fanfarlo: “I’m a Pilot””

  1. imallears Says:

    yes yes great band! They so good…guilty pleasure! I have been kinda on repeat with this one for the last months! i personally like finish line

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