Deer Tick: “Easy”

deer_tickOn the brink of Independence Day, I thought I’d try to tie in my post to the upcoming holiday—but not by writing about The Boss, everyone’s favorite poster child of unabashed patriotism. A subject better suited to my musical taste (and this blog) is Deer Tick’s sophomore effort, Born on Flag Day. Ok, you got me—Flag Day falls not on the 4th of July but on the 14th of June. But given how ubiquitous flags are this time of year, I thought you’d forgive me the reach.

Featuring the same whiny, weathered vocals that deliver hard-won lyrics—and belie singer-songwriter and guitarist John Joseph McCauley III’s mere 23 years—that garnered Deer Tick’s debut album good reviews in 2007, this 10-track collection kicks it up a notch. While Born on Flag Day trades some of the raw intimacy that lent War Elephant an atmosphere of authenticity for more carefully constructed melodies and radio-friendly accessibility, the elements that endeared the freshman album to fans—that uncultivated croon melding genres and telling stories you could have picked up off the barroom floor once the bottle’s empty—remain.

Deer Tick – Easy

Who: Deer Tick

What: Born on Flag Day

When: 6.23.2009

Where: Providence, Rhode Island

Why: “You don’t know how easy it is / You were never there.”

How: Partisan


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