Heartless Bastards: “The Mountain”

HeartlessBastardsWho knew Ohio would be the music well from which so much great new rock has sprung? And no, we’re not talking Akron, my friends, although the band was signed to Fat Possum after Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney passed along a demo to the label. Hailing from Cincinnati, garage rock trio Heartless Bastards has more in common with the down-and-dirty duo than a shared home state—first and foremost, they don’t fuck around. They rock.

Just as Dan Auerbach makes so many male musicians look, well, weak, Erika Wennerstrom—co-founder, frontwoman, and the only constant member since the band’s 2003 inception—makes most wanna-be female rockers look lame, and her androgynous vocals would make the greats that paved the road before her proud.

Heartless Bastards – The Mountain

Who: Heartless Bastards

What: The Mountain

When: 2.3.2009

Where: Cincinnati, Ohio

Why: “When you see there’s smoke there’s fire.”

How: Fat Possum


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