The Duchess & the Duke: “Reservoir Park”

theduchessandthedukeThis Seattle duo might not be as noble as their moniker implies, but if comparisons to early 60s icons Dylan and the Stones keep coming, they might get there one day. Friends from high school who played in plenty of bands, Kimberly Morrison (the duchess) and Jesse Lortz (the duke) joined forces with percussionist Donnie Hilstad to create She’s the Duchess, He’s the Duke, on which even picky Pitchfork conferred the label of a classic and an 8.2.

The platonic pair both sing and play guitar, constructing straightforward his and hers harmonies that showcase the merits of simplicity rather than intricacy. Nostalgic for a less complicated musical era, the album was recorded on an 8-track, but that’s not the only reason these songs sound timeless. Listen to “Reservoir” below to find out why. Though the record was released a year ago today, it’s just too good to ignore its anniversary.

The Duchess & the Duke – Reservoir Park

Who: The Duchess & the Duke

What: She’s the Duchess, He’s the Duke

When: 7.8.2008

Where: Seattle, Washington

Why: “The clouds keep rolling on in.”

How: Hardly Art


One Response to “The Duchess & the Duke: “Reservoir Park””

  1. imallears Says:

    ooh yes still so grood, thank you for reminding me! I go listen

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