Yim Yames: “Behind That Locked Door”

Yim-YamesAt least the guy has a sense of humor. MMJ frontman Jim James adopted the highly suspicious moniker of Yim Yames, under which he released a six-song tribute album to George Harrison on Wednesday of this week. Recorded shortly after the former Beatle’s death in 2001 and featuring just James’ vocals and acoustic guitar, the stark atmosphere evokes a certain sense of wistfulness, but at the same time celebrates the effect that one musician can have on another—even though they’d never met.

Right now the EP can be streamed or purchased as a digital download, CD, or LP exclusively on yimyames.com. It will be available through other outlets on August 4th. Listen to the free download, “From Behind That Locked Door,” below. A portion of the proceeds from Tribute To will go to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Yim Yames – Behind That Locked Door

Who: Yim Yames

What: Tribute To

When: 8.4.2009

Where: Louisville, Kentucky

Why: “Please let out my heart, please, please / From behind that locked door.”

How: ATO


2 Responses to “Yim Yames: “Behind That Locked Door””

  1. Aspen Says:

    Finally got around to streaming this today–and I love it! Jim James can do no wrong, silly pseudonym and all. I also appreciate how, on the website, the text looks like it says “yim y AMES.” I consider that a tribute to me.

  2. imallears Says:

    this has been on SERIOUS repeat not just by lil ole me BUT also the entire Fayram Family, there is just no reason not to….

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