Woods: “Rain On”

woodsMuch like their forest-friendly name implies, NYC-based Woods taps into natural inspiration for their fourth full-length, Songs of Shame, where underlying themes of loss and isolation meet homespun production with a psychedelic twist—but in a more sedated way than Wavves, another Woodsist alum who takes the decibel to another level by turning lo-fi into no-fi. Utilizing cassette tape effects, this band takes comfort in the unconventional niche they call home.

Jeremy Earl’s falsetto floats over, above, and sometimes straight through imperfect instrumentation, joined by touring buddies Jarvis Taveniere, G. Lucas Crane, and Kevin Morby. Although Woods does conduct their trademark noise experiments to an extent—most notably in the nine-minute guitar jam “September with Pete,” landing somewhat jarringly early in the album—the melodies shine a guiding light through the itinerant fuzz, and it would be a shame not to listen to these songs.

Woods – Rain On

Who: Woods

What: Songs of Shame

When: 4.14.2009

Where: New York, NY

Why: “Oh, how the days will rain on you.”

How: Shrimper / Woodsist


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