The Builders and the Butchers: “Devil Town”

the-builders-and-the-butchersSay your prayers and leave the secular life behind. Hellfire, brimstone, and all other apocalyptic visions abound in The Builders and the Butchers’ second LP, but what else would you expect dwelling inside album art depicting an evil-infested carnival in the way of music? Some of the images evoked could downright scare the bejesus out of you, but you were warned it wouldn’t be all rainbows and unicorns by the record’s very name, Salvation Is a Deep Dark Well.

Coming down from cold Alaska, the Portland-based band sounds more like it belongs deep in the bayou than the Pacific Northwest, but maybe that just means they don’t lack active imaginations. Under the direction of Ryan Sollee, this gospel-grounded group is known to include the “congregation” during performances, recruiting the crowd to provide backup vocals and share the ecclesiastical glee. Even if you’re not religious, this dark trip down raucous lane could leave you feeling cleansed…or aching for confession. See them tonight at Bottom of the Hill.

The Builders and the Butchers – Devil Town

Who: The Builders and the Butchers

What: Salvation Is a Deep Dark Well

When: 6.30.2009

Where: Portland, Oregon

Why: “Take me down / to the devil town.”

How: Gigantic Music


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