Telekinesis: “Tokyo”

telekinesisBased on his ability to transport himself to another world through song (without ever leaving his house, never mind the country), it seems to me that Michael Benjamin Lerner, the man behind Seattle’s Telekinesis, would have no problem with a staycation this summer. Produced, engineered, and mixed by Death Cab’s Chris Walla, the self-titled debut is full of references to far-away places like Tokyo—although the songwriter has never stepped foot on Japanese soil.   

Perhaps Lerner learned how to perform telekinesis (the movement of objects by scientifically inexplicable means) on himself, although that might be contrary to the very definition of the term. Or maybe he took copious notes on apparating while watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Either way, chockablock with immediate energy, catchy choruses, and sheer velocity, this is a record for reveling in the here and now—wherever “here” may be.

Telekinesis – Tokyo

Who: Telekinesis

What: Telekinesis!

When: 4.7.2009

Where: Seattle, Washington

Why: “I, I, I went to Tokyo / Only in my dreams, because they’re all I know.”

How: Merge Records


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