Sic Alps: “Gelly Roll Gum Drop”

sicalpsIt’s not every day that gritty, fuzz-full music joins forces with structured melodies, but this record is undoubtedly infused with pop. In a primal way. On their second full-length, U.S. EZ, SF-based garage rock duo Sic Alps (Mike Donovan and Matt Hartman) break away from the almost-pure experimentalism of the past and move forward with more approachable tunes. Not to say their latest release is completely devoid of surprise, as those same songs that reeled you in are just as likely to spit you back out when you least expect it, and the pair is still happy to deconstruct. If it’s a bit more predictable than A Long Way Around to a Shortcut, what’s wrong with that?

Either way, they’ve stayed true to the shabby recording aesthetic that now defines their sound. Or perhaps it’s their very sound that allows them the luxury of recording in a garage (or wherever it is), as tracks so naked must stand on their own, with no shiny production clothes to hide behind. Sic Alps are headlining at the Hemlock tonight as part of the Mission Creek Music Festival. Based on reports of performances so hot they just might spontaneously combust, I would not pass this one up.

Sic Alps – Gelly Roll Gum Drop

Who: Sic Alps

What: U.S. EZ

When: 7.15.2008

Where: San Francisco, California

Why: “Gelly roll gum drop, nature’s child / Don’t you know me?”

How: Siltbreeze


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