Bowerbirds: “Northern Lights”

bowerbirdsEverything about the Bowerbirds hearkens back to what is natural. In their first album, 2007’s Hymns for a Dark Horse, that meant campaigning for the conservation of the earth. Veering away from sheer eco-friendly folk in their second full-length, Upper Air, we find out a bit about a pair of people that inhabit it, and their relationship. North Carolina couple Beth Tacular and Phil Moore, who met while working at Whole Foods, teamed their vocals and accordion with Mark Paulson’s violin to create something understated yet spectacular, harnessing bare backwoods beauty with simple, spare arrangements and two-part harmonies.   

While pleasant to listen to, the record is not entirely uplifting, peppered with minor keys and slow, hypnotic melodies that give way to crescendoing choruses. They have not so much abandoned their environmental aesthetic from before; rather, they have managed to merge the two themes—love for the earth and love for each other—into one. Because yes, we need this planet to remain intact in order to continue life as we know it.  But isn’t it nice to have someone to share it with? See them perform at my favorite venue in the city, Café du Nord, tonight.

Bowerbirds – Northern Lights

Who: Bowerbirds

What: Upper Air

When: 7.7.2009

Where: Raleigh, North Carolina

Why: “All I want is your eyes / In the morning as we wake / For a short while.”

How: Dead Oceans


One Response to “Bowerbirds: “Northern Lights””

  1. Celina Says:

    Your email inviting me to attend this show must have gone to my junk mail, for I am sure you would not forget to inform & invite me to go. Beards, Sarah. Beards. You always invite Celina to shows that involve men with beards.

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