Winter Gloves: “Factories”

winterglovesAll apologies. This post is going to be full of Nirvana references, and it’s not my fault. Blame Montreal-based four-piece Winter Gloves (because they need them up there north of the border) for unabashedly alluding to the band at every turn, starting with the title of their debut album, about a girl—a nod to the same-named track on Nirvana’s Bleach—although you’d be hard-pressed to find the similarities. Winter Gloves’ “About a Girl” is, oddly enough, not a cover of the Nirvana tune—however, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” certainly is, although it sounds like it’s borrowed the children’s chorus from The Door’s “The Wall” and been stuffed with synth. Nevermind that.

Much more electronically driven than Kurt Cobain’s guitar-based grunge, this record is catchy in its own right, and could do without the Hansel and Gretel name-droppings leading the way back to Seattle’s early 90s alt-rock scene. To avoid confusion—and to show that this group can sometimes step out of the Cobain shadow—I’m posting a Nirvana-less song below. Since bandleader Charles F claims the music that became Winter Gloves came about as he was trying to fit into the big city, I can only assume they hadn’t yet received any music beyond the turn of the century in rural Quebec. Don’t get me wrong—I fully understand and appreciate the enduring influence of Nirvana, but boys…subtlety is a virtue seldom used.

Winter Gloves – Factories

Who: Winter Gloves

What: about a girl

When: 3.24.2009

Where: Montreal, Canada

Why: “You believe some kind of harmony / Can keep your shit away from factories.”

How: Paper Bag


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