Ramona Falls: “Russia”

ramona_fallsRamona Falls is not a woman’s name. It’s a trail on Oregon’s Mount Hood after which Menomena’s Brent Knopf named his new solo music project. Just as his role in Menomena involves him playing multiple instruments, he has recruited multiple guest musicians—35, to be exact—to contribute to his debut album, which is out today via Barsuk Records. Full of unorthodox compositions elevated with sophisticated words, Intuit challenges traditional songwriting techniques.

In “Russia,” both lyrics and chord progressions document heroic deeds performed in distant lands, from beyond the Iron Curtain to Egypt to China, all in an effort to win the heart of a woman who always responds “Too little too late.” Opening with appropriately icy acoustics, midway through the track sumptuous strings build over alternating percussion, guitars, and piano, culminating in an ethereal up-tempo explosion that eventually admits defeat at the song’s conclusion. You can stream the entire record here. To see the man behind Ramona Falls perform it live, head to Café du Nord next Tuesday night.    

Ramona Falls – Russia

Who: Ramona Falls

What: Intuit

When: 8.18.2009

Where: Portland, Oregon

Why: “I sailed to Komodo / I fought with the dragons / When it was over / Their tails were wagging.”

How: Barsuk


2 Responses to “Ramona Falls: “Russia””

  1. Celina Says:

    Diggin’ it. Reminds me of Grizzly Bear sound & turmoil.

  2. Kristin W Says:

    The Komodo verse is my absolute favorite! Mostly because I can actually understand all the lyrics….

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