Beach House: “Wedding Bell”

beach-houseHaving just returned from a wedding this weekend, I couldn’t help but choose this tune by Baltimore’s Beach House. (Don’t worry; this post will probably sound less pathetic than Friday’s self-deriding, I-will-be-alone-forever entry on Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.) The duo, comprised of Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand, is especially relevant right now because not only is it bringing its ghostly brand of dream pop to Bottom of the Hill tonight (with SF’s Papercuts), but rumor has it that Legrand (niece of French film composer Michel Legrand and singer Chistiane Legrand) lent her vocals to Grizzly Bear yesterday during the band’s set at Treasure Island (like she did on Veckatimest track “Two Weeks”).   

Not surprising, considering she does the same on the new Twilight: New Moon song, “Slow Life.” If there’s anything sexier than vampires, it’s Grizzly Bear and Mazzy Star- and Nico-approximating Legrand contributing to the soundtrack for a movie about vampires. Back to the non-dead subject at hand, Beach House’s 2008 Devotion has received just as much praise—if not more—than their eponymous 2006 debut. While I wanted to include Beach House‘s “Apple Orchard” in honor of the current season, the irony of pining for a New England fall of foliage while stuck amongst the stagnant trees of Northern California hits just too close to home.

Beach House – Wedding Bell

Who: Beach House

What: Devotion

When: 2.26.2008

Where: Baltimore, Maryland

Why: “You’re ringing the only wedding bell / And we’re swimming the seas we know so well.”

How: Carpark


One Response to “Beach House: “Wedding Bell””

  1. Celina Says:

    Not to rub it in, but 10/19 show @ BOTH was incredible. And they love SF. Said multiple times we were the best city. SF even beat out Paris; she debated at first but the hipster love (i.e. lots of swaying & nodding w/light lip-syncing) won her over

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