Kings of Convenience: “24-25”

kingsofconvenienceThis indie folk-pop duo is neither as royal nor as convenient as their moniker would imply, given that they are two boys—Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe—hailing from Bergen, Norway, whose band hasn’t released a record since 2004, and Feist, who contributed to a couple of tracks on their last album, often gets more attention than they do. Today all of that changes as their fourth studio album, Declaration of Dependence, drops. Whether or not these kids have imperial blood pulsing through their veins, the new one once again proves that they are kings of acoustics. And just because the pair has not been the most prolific group to date doesn’t make their work any less enjoyable. Remember ye olde “quality not quantity” adage.

Having fallen fast and hard for “Homesick” off of Riot on an Empty Street—a song whose lyrics, “two soft voices blended in perfection,” describes their sound to a T—I found myself craving more of their delicate harmonies and intricate guitar melodies. After five long, lonely years marked by an absence of fresh soft-voiced tunes, I can once again envelop myself in the quiet sea of whispered words. So “I lose some sales / And my boss won’t be happy / But I can’t stop listening to the sound.” In other Nordic news today, Copenhagen’s Choir of Young Believers play at The Rickshaw Stop this evening. But be forewarned: those guys are less Sam Beam and more Thom Yorke meets Fleet Foxes.

Kings of Convenience – 24-25

Who: Kings of Convenience

What: Declaration of Dependence

When: 10.20.2009

Where: Bergen, Norway

Why: “24 and blooming like the fields of May / 25 and yearning for a ticket out.”

How: EMI


3 Responses to “Kings of Convenience: “24-25””

  1. scott Says:

    great song

  2. amelie Says:

    As a fervent french reader of your blog since the last summer I owe to give you something back. I really like the way you write and your music choices often give a rythmn to my lifestyle as these songs color up my mind every days. So, I hope you know the French site la “” which introduces beautiful shows (from fleet foxes, Bowerbirds, Beirut, Alela Diane, Animal collective…) in cosy spaces. King of convenience’s show ( is really radiant and precious. I’m sure you will enjoy it. I do not advertise you, it’s only a way to thank you for music I discover thanks to you.

    • stella1722 Says:

      Amelie, I am so happy you’ve been enjoying the music I’ve been posting. When I started this blog, that was my goal: to introduce artists I like to people that may not have heard of them. I will definitely check out the Kings of Convenience show – thanks for sending it.


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