The Ferocious Few: “Lord, Save My Soul”

the_ferocious_fewThe Ferocious Few are only two dudes from Oakland with a fetish for fedoras I spotted playing as a rogue (read: non-billed) band between stages at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. (You remember, Jake Brill.) Unlike the other pop-up acts, however, I was actually compelled to stop and listen to these guys—and, based on the crowd gathered and the glowing “I was just walking by and these guys, out of nowhere, knocked my socks off” style reviews abounding on iTunes, I’m not the only one who took the time to Google them after the effects of the whiskey wore off.

These boys—comprised of Francisco Fernandez on songwriting duties, vocals, and guitar and Daniel Aguilar on percussion—have taken busking to a whole new level, bringing their stripped-down sound all over the streets of San Francisco with a portable PA, giving go-to blues-rock duo The Black Keys a run for their money in the process. “Our music is based on struggle, and that’s what I think people can relate to,” Fernandez says. “I want to create something that’s relevant to our culture, not alienated by it.” Word on the street is they’re releasing a full-length album this fall. In the meantime, see them open for William Elliot Whitmore and Hoots & The Hellmouth at Bottom of the Hill tonight.

The Ferocious Few – Lord, Save My Soul

Who: The Ferocious Few

What: From the Streets to Your Heart (EP)

When: 8.31.2007

Where: San Francisco, California

Why: “Darkness setting in / Living this life of sin.”

How: Indie/Birdman

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