Land of Talk: “Some Are Lakes”

elizabethOh, Canada. You lay claim to a cornucopia of maple products, hockey, and inhabitants who are friendly but have funny accents. Thank you for giving our comedians a wealth of fodder—there is much to chuckle aboot. Montreal-based band Land of Talk, however, is no laughing matter. (Especially with lyrics like “Maybe when I die / I get to be a car / Driving in the night / Lighting up the dark” from “It’s Okay.”) Two years after releasing the well-received Applause Cheer Boo Hiss EP, a full-length album arrived in the form of 2008’s Some Are Lakes, and the title track alone likely has sated the thirst of all of those left parched while waiting for a proper debut.

The band currently consists of singer and guitarist Elizabeth Powell, bassist Joe Yarmush, and drummer Andrew Barr (of The Slip). Pitchfork reports that Some Are Lakes was produced by Justin Vernon, the backwoods music master behind Bon Iver; one of the tracks, “Troubled,” was recorded in the same cabin in which Vernon recorded his Lazarus-like, falsetto-full For Emma, Forever Ago. So rest assured that, even with more upbeat, punk-inspired numbers, this record runs the emotional gamut, with Powell’s ethereal vocals stealing center stage. Come show your support of our northern neighbors at Café du Nord tonight. Eulogies and Nightmare Air open.

Land of Talk – Some Are Lakes

Who: Land of Talk

What: Some Are Lakes

When: 10.7.2008

Where: Montreal, Canada

Why: “We’ve seen how sick wind blows / But I’ve got your bovine eyes / And I’ll love you like I love you / Then I’ll die.”

How: Saddle Creek


One Response to “Land of Talk: “Some Are Lakes””

  1. imallears Says:

    They JUST came out with Fun & Laughter which is a good listen as well! Check out ‘a series of small flames’.

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