Yeasayer: “Ambling Alp”

Yeasayer72At the risk of making a habit of highlighting more upbeat tunes (and interrupting my generally steady stream of virulently melancholy indie rock), I bring you the new single off of Yeasayer’s highly anticipated sophomore effort, Odd Blood, due out in February. I was especially pleased to learn of the free download after enjoying the genre-scoffing band’s “Tightrope” this morning at yoga class as my instructor played Dark Was the Night in its entirety. There is a reason I get up at 6 am on Thursdays, and it might have as much to do with Erika’s like-minded music selections as it does with my downward dog.  

For some reason I’m getting an image of Daniel from Karate Kid in my mind when I listen to the chorus: “You must stick up for yourself, son / Never mind what anybody else done.” Potential Bat for Lashes and Yeasayer collaboration? “Daniel” + “Ambling Alp” mashup = genius. I think the previous Orwellian apocalyptic vision Yeasayer painted in “2080” (off of debut All Hour Cymbals) would meld well with Natasha Khan’s nightmarish cinematographic aesthetic. No tour dates announced yet, but it’s only a matter of time. For what it’s worth, at least we have the track list:

  1. The Children
  2. Ambling Alp
  3. Madder Red
  4. I Remember
  5. O.N.E.
  6. Love Me Girl
  7. Rome
  8. Strange Reunions
  9. Mondegreen
  10. Grizelda

Yeasayer – Ambling Alp

Who: Yeasayer

What: Odd Blood

When: 2.9.2009

Where: Brooklyn, NY

Why: “You must stick up for yourself, son / Never mind what anybody else done.”

How: Secretly Canadian

2 Responses to “Yeasayer: “Ambling Alp””

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