Phosphorescent: “Wolves”

phosphorescentYou know when you fall in love with a song so completely that it seems as though, if you were unceremoniously banished from your current life and relocated to the outermost recesses of the world—say, on the smallest island on an archipelago off the coast of Antarctica—and forced to live in solitude without books, crossword puzzles, or any type of human contact, as long as you were able to listen to that one splendid song nonstop, that would be food enough to feed your soul for the rest of your living days?

Well, that’s how I feel about “Wolves.” One-man band Phosphorescent (Matthew Houck) brings us his slow-burning, Southern-tinged sound from Brooklyn by way of Athens, Georgia. Listen to every second of the six-plus-minute song below, or check him out live in KEXP’s Cutting Room Studios here. The second LP since 2005’s Aw Come Aw Wry, and the one that fell right before the band released To Willie (a—you guessed it—Willie Nelson tribute album), Pride impresses with Houck’s strong songwriting skills and untarnished, organic feel.  Currently touring in the U.K., hopefully Houck will bring his beard back stateside soon.

Phosphorescent – Wolves

Who: Phosphorescent

What: Pride

When: 10.23.2007

Where: Brooklyn, New York

Why: “Mama, there’s wolves in the house / Mama, they won’t let me out.”

How: Dead Oceans


One Response to “Phosphorescent: “Wolves””

  1. Aspen Says:

    I love Phosphorescent, but I hadn’t heard this song. So lovely–I just listened three times in row. Okay, four. Thanks for the great find!

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