Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson: “The Sound”

milesbenjaminanthonyrobinsonWith a name like that, it’s a shame Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson isn’t planning on pursuing the presidency. But even if he were inclined, he’d have the road before him paved with obstacles beyond our current commander in chief sharing a name with a particularly unpopular dictator, like a history of drug abuse and bouts of homelessness in which he often made benches into beds on Coney Island. Oregon-born, he spent much of his youth traveling around with his comedian father—but after moving to New York and trying to make it in bands that never made it big, he started on a downward spiral that got him kicked out of the very clubs he was playing.

But things are looking up for the recently reformed singer/songwriter. Having released his much-lauded eponymous debut last year, Saddle Creek signed him this August, and the new record, Summer of Fear, was produced by Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor. As he can also claim TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone as his friend and co-collaborator, he probably won’t be drinking—or sleeping—alone this holiday season. He’s currently touring with These United States, and if you missed him at Hotel Utah on November 6, check out his tour dates elsewhere.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – The Sound

Who: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

What: Summer of Fear

When: 10.20.2009

Where: Brooklyn/Oregon

Why: “Sometimes it fills you up / Most times it lets you down.”

How: Saddle Creek

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