Girls: “Hellrole Ratrace”

Of all the bands these days eking irony out of choosing a misnomer of a moniker, Girls is hardly the first, nor is it the most scandalous. Starfucker, for one, wins in both the shocking and incongruent categories. Besides, lead singer and co-founder Christopher Owens wears his dirty blonde locks long and is, in all honesty, prettier than me. But his story isn’t. Not to harp on everyone’s tough luck in these trying times, but this frontman spent his childhood as a member of the Children of God cult, which sometimes forced his mother into prostitution and let his little brother die due to an unwavering aversion to modern medicine.

Unlike Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, however, his savior came in the form of a millionaire he met in Texas (where he had escaped to as a teen) and swept him off to San Francisco, where he met Chet “JR” White, with whom he formed Girls. In true down-this-destructive-dirt-road form, the pair dallied in drugs while writing their debut, Album, but they managed to strike a chord that was equal parts Beach Boys and heartache (as it’s mostly about a breakup with a girl). Girls performs at Swedish American Music Hall tonight and at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday.  If you don’t have tickets yet, the tough luck is yours—both shows are sold out. 

Girls – Hellhole Ratrace

Who: Girls

What: Album

When: 9.22.2009

Where: San Francisco, CA

Why: “I’m sick and tired of the way that I feel / I’m always dreaming and it’s never for real.”

How: True Panther

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