Lissie: “Little Lovin'”

Any girl that can channel all the energy she ever spent nursing broken hearts and put it into songs that her cigarette-smoked and whiskey-soaked vocal chords secrete with all the pain of getting over someone—without getting under a new one—and still come off sounding sometimes optimistic, like in “Little Lovin’,” is my hero. As is any girl that can cover a Hank Williams tune with style and soul, delivering the simple yet tragic lyrics (and if that ain’t country, I don’t know what is) as if they were her own fate written on some unchangeable, prophetic tablet in the stars, sounding much older, wiser, and road-weary than her 27 years. And got kicked out of high school. And likes cheeseburgers. And that girl is Lissie Maurus.

Hailing from Rock Island, Illinois, she now lives in a farmhouse with her dog in Ojai, California by way of LA, where she moved two years ago. There, she met Lenny Kravitz and joined him on tour, and got exposure through her work on DJ Morgan Page’s “The Longest Road,” for which she not only contributes vocals but also stars in the music video, which doesn’t surprise me. Have you seen her? Despite her natural good looks and blond locks, however, Lissie doesn’t take herself too seriously as a bombshell, showing up to a shoot sans makeup and donning 1970s/modern-day molestor-worthy glasses. Her first full-length record is due out this year. Until then, catch her at The Fillmore on Friday, January 22.

Lissie – Little Lovin’

Who: Lissie

What: Why You Runnin’

When: 11.10.09

Where: Rock Island, Illinois

Why: “I gotta lotta love in / I gotta lotta love in / I gotta lotta love in my heart / I’m gonna get to heaven / I’m gonna get to heaven / I’m gonna get to heaven alright.”

How: Fat Possum

3 Responses to “Lissie: “Little Lovin'””

  1. Dave Says:

    Very unnecessary horns in the middle of the song, I don’t what the producer was thinking. Other than that, pretty catchy.

  2. stella1722 Says:

    You should listen to the rest of her EP. The girl has a really amazing voice.

  3. Kim Stallings Says:

    It’s refreshing to see an American singer who doesn’t need Autotune to sound good and doesn’t need Lady GaGa makeup to look good.

    The album is amazing, I can’t stop playing it.

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