Owen Pallett: “Lewis Takes Action”

I am all for role playing, but I prefer the kind that occurs behind closed doors to the Dungeons & Dragons variety, and would advise against naming your music project after such a pastime. It can get confusing. Formerly known as Final Fantasy, Owen Pallett recently dropped the geeky moniker he shared with the videogame—out of love and veneration—for his third album, Heartland, which came out under his own name via Domino a week ago today. With the vocals and violin of Andrew Bird, the whimsy of Joanna Newsom, and the occasional drama of Moulin Rouge, this ambitious, eclectic, and often eerie record is an orchestral flight of the imagination, a post-modern fairytale featuring a beautiful but violent farmer named Lewis and Pallett himself, who tries to win the farmer’s affection.

If the album at times recalls a Neon Bible aesthetic, it’s no accident. Pallett has provided string arrangements for the Quebecois group in the past, and Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gara contributed his percussive talents to Pallett’s latest. As a concept album (not unlike The Decemberists’ Hazards of Love in spirit) you really should listen to the album as whole for the optimal experience, but each song is rewarding in its own right. If you missed the Canadian composer’s sold-out show at Bottom of the Hill last week, lament. He really makes me regret rendering all those years of violin lessons useless at age 12.

Owen Pallett – Lewis Takes Action

Who: Owen Pallett

What: Heartland

When: 1.12.2010

Where: Toronto, Ontario

Why: “I got a message for the acolytes / I am your man in a bloody fight / I got a thirst for liquid gold / I’ll bludgeon ’til the body’s cold.”

How: Domino

2 Responses to “Owen Pallett: “Lewis Takes Action””

  1. Dave Says:

    Dragon Warrior for NES. Don’t tell me you don’t remember. Paris Hilton. Nude. Sorry, I was trying to expand your readership.

  2. stella1722 Says:

    You got me, Dave. Not only did I love Dragon Warrior, it happens to be the only Nintendo game I ever beat. And yes, I know how pathetic that is.

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