I don’t use CAPS, I’m allergic to exclamation points, and, until now, I haven’t written about a band more than once. Yeasayer has made a heretic of me and my heretofore strictly abided writing doctrine. (Rest assured that I still won’t be using smiley faces, frowns, or any other emoticons anytime soon. The thought of them makes me downright nauseous.) Back in November, I told you all about the free MP3 of “Ambling Alp,” off of the Brooklyn band’s sophomore effort Odd Blood, and now they’re giving away “O.N.E,” another equally infectious, highly danceable track.   

When the album leaked onto the World Wide Web in early December 2009, the band tweeted “Presents are always spoiled for those who open them before they are supposed to.” Maybe that’s why they kept a steady stream of singles coming to appease us good girls and boys. Full of synth, handclaps, singer Chris Keating’s angsty, urgent vocal delivery, and the occasional brass embellishment, this record claims more pop territory than ever before with its accessibility, but in a good way. Playing The Fillmore on Saturday, April 17. Here’s hoping the 3-D light show comes to San Francisco.

Yeasayer – O.N.E.

Who: Yeasayer

What: Odd Blood

When: 2.9.2009

Where: Brooklyn, NY

Why:  “No / You don’t move me anymore / And I’m glad that you don’t / Cause I can’t have you anymore.”

How: Secretly Canadian

One Response to “ODD BLOOD OUT TODAY!”

  1. Dave Says:

    I’m digging this track. About halfway through the song, there’s an ill synth riff. The track almost sounds kinda 80s but its a little bit too indie to be on the radio. I’ll download the album I suppose. Me and synthesizers go together like ice cream and cookie dough.

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