Don’t Think Twice

It’s not every day that you are informed that the person you’ve been seeing for a few months is seeing someone else…via text message.  And despite the various substances I abused last night in order to numb the pain, the indignity of it all still stings. (Or is that my hangover? I can’t tell.) As I had already found someone else myself, I can’t say I’m entirely heartbroken…but I still think a fuck-you song would make me feel better. (As would a bottle of bourbon, if anyone is willing to contribute to my cause.) And after searching far and wide for a new favorite torch song, I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing, nothing is as cathartic as Susan Tedeschi’s amazing rendition of Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice.” Oh yeah – and no, I don’t want to be friends with you.

Susan Tedeschi – Don’t Think Twice

3 Responses to “Don’t Think Twice”

  1. Bernz Says:

    technologically assisted venting- i like it!

  2. bojo9696 Says:

    I can’t wait for you to sing this at my wedding.

  3. stella1722 Says:

    Thanks for the support, JB. Apparently I have no shame. And O, I refuse to sing this at your wedding. But you already know that.

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