Lovin’s for Fools

On Sunday I was too busy eating sandwiches atop Twin Peaks and, later, drinking whiskey to bother blogging. And no, I wasn’t trying to drown my single sorrows in the anesthetizing arms of that amber liquor—or attempt to reassert my feminine power by surrounding myself with independent, kick-ass women (although I did), only to drunk text all my ex-boyfriends and quietly sob myself to sleep (I didn’t). I was simply having a damn good time. In case you live in a cave, Sunday was Valentine’s Day, a “holiday” which cannot really be deemed as such because no one gets the day off whenever it falls, and which I maintain makes single people feel like lepers (even if they are perfectly content living on their islands of blissful sovereignty and boundless opportunity, which is, in essence, the San Francisco zeitgeist) and encourages couples to celebrate their enduring passion through contrived, bank-breaking, and generally garish notions of romance.

And though, for the aforementioned reasons, I tried to ignore it, my efforts were futile at best. Even in the sweet, shadowy, slightly malodorous safety of Thieves lingered evidence in the shape of heart-covered cupcakes. And then I realized: even if I put down my dram to pen something I could post for you all, you would read something into the music which may or may not be true, whatever I chose. And I guess, regardless of previous personal outpourings, that I don’t want, right now, to be so emotionally transparent. I thought it would be safer to wait until Wednesday, and then I didn’t find time. So here it is, Friday, February 19, and I am presenting a sad, sad song about love lost and its cynical aftermath, but on no particular day, and for no particular reason.

Sarah Siskind – Lovin’s for Fools

Who: Sarah Siskind

What: Studio . Living Room

When: 2006

Where: Nashville, Tennessee

Why: “Go on and love her, love her forever / I will not tell her you told me, too / You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you / Lovin’s for fools, lovin’s for fools.”

How: Infrasound Collective

3 Responses to “Lovin’s for Fools”

  1. Kate Fayram Says:

    Bon Iver does an amazing cover of this song. His live performance of this tune made me investigate the original. It has a more real and inspiring feel when a woman sings it, specifically Sarah Siskind! Great choice!

  2. stella1722 Says:

    Yeah, I heard his rendition of it, and I agree that (while I do love his music and his voice), there’s something about the original that really resonates with me.

  3. Celina Says:

    I would just like to say, you were the best valentine I had in quite a while. Possibly ever. I will be sad to lose your company the day a guy is able to nab you.
    – fellow kick-ass woman

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