Foreign Born: “Vacationing People”

After the skies parted like the Red Sea and let loose buckets of rain earlier this week, my roommates and I discovered a leak in our apartment, and then another, leading us to wonder when it might be time to start collecting pairs of animals (you think this guy would mind if we borrowed his heap o’ beast?)  and planks of lumber for the ark. While the landlord promptly sent reinforcements, the situation has yet to be remedied, and all this wetness makes me pine for sunshine (and moonshine) in distant lands. With our home being invaded, clearly it’s no time for a staycation, which is why “Vacationing People” by Foreign Born serves as the perfect antidote to the poison of potential flooding. I’d better pack my swimsuit and my sunscreen before I second-guess myself.

However, if you’re like me, an endless stream of engagements has left you with zero cash to take a trip not accessorized with a couple bands of gold—but not all nuptials end in I-wish-I-were-in-Brazil-style bitterness. In fact, during the 2003 post-collegiate summer wedding circuit, Lewis Pesacov and Matt Popieluch, who had played together at SF State University, started jamming and decided to give the whole band thing another go. A bassist (Ariel Rechtshaid), drummer (Garrett Ray), and two albums later, that particular union of souls seems like quite the providential event. Foreign Born plays the Rickshaw Stop as part of Noise Pop tonight.

Foreign Born – Vacationing People

Who: Foreign Born

What: Person to Person

When: 6.23.2009

Where: Los Angeles, California

Why: “We live a life of vacationing people / Take a long walk slowly.”

How: Secretly Canadian

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