Blue Giant: “Gone for Good”

Last weekend I went camping up in Bodega Bay. Now, usually a sojourn in the hinterlands provides the rare—and necessary—opportunity for a pavement-treading city dweller like myself to see the stars since the lights that populate the metropolis and pollute the night sky don’t exist in those areas, like when I went backpacking with some friends in the Sierras and we forgot our tent and had to sleep under the stars. (Believe me when I tell you: there are worse things—but then again, it didn’t rain.) Unfortunately for my star-gazing craving, for this most recent trip we pitched our tents in a forest of redwood trees, which was majestic, delightful, and awe-inspiring, but the canopy obscured our visual passageway to the heavens. No matter. We passed enough bottles around the fire that some of us were seeing stars (of sorts) soon enough.

I’ll bet there are more stars up in Oregon. Maybe that’s why my friend Mikey is moving to Portland next week, which once again confirms my theory that all cool people migrate there. Or live there already, like this group called Blue Giant, which consists of Kevin and Anita Robinson, who formerly recorded and toured under their previous incarnation—as a duo called Viva Voce—until they decided to see what they could do with a bigger band. Their nom de plume is astronomical in origin. According to Wikipedia, “A blue giant is a massive star that has exhausted the hydrogen fuel in its core and left the main sequence.” Speaking of namesakes, this track off Blue Giant’s eponymous new record shares the same name as another one of my favorite songs of all time by The Shins. I guess “Gone for Good” is never going to express an uplifting message. But I have one: Good luck, Mikey! In the meantime, go catch Blue Giant play at Café du Nord tonight.

Blue Giant – Gone for Good (feat. Corin Tucker)

Who: Blue Giant

What: Blue Giant

When: 7.13.2010

Where:  Portland, Oregon

Why: “When our love is gone it’s gone for good / Look for it while you can if you think you should”

How: Vanguard Records


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