The National and St. Vincent: “Sleep All Summer”


I fell in love with the original recording of this song by Crooked Fingers when I lived in Boston many years ago, much like a fell in love with a man a few months ago, and now he has fallen out of love with me. Thus, this cover as recorded by The National’s Matt Berninger and St. Vincent’s Annie Clark resonates with me far more than I ever wanted it to, and all I can hope is that it provides me with the necessary catharsis to get through this tragic mess that I’ve become, but it seems that the only thing it’s helping me to do now is cry. I wish I could sleep all fall and wake up in the winter, finding out it was all a bad dream, but I’m not that naïve. So this song is neither that new nor all that newsworthy, but neither is the concept of a broken heart.

The National and St. Vincent – Sleep All Summer

Who: The National and St. Vincent

What: Score! 20 Years of Merge Records: The Covers!

When: 4.7.2009

Where: Brooklyn and Manhattan (today); Cincinatti and Oklahoma (previously)

Why: “Cold ways kill cool lovers / Strange ways we used each other / Why won’t you fall back in love with me?

How: Merge


One Response to “The National and St. Vincent: “Sleep All Summer””

  1. Sean Says:

    Thanks for sharing this, and the other songs on your blog. Its exactly what I wanted to hear, two of my favorite singers, a beautiful duet on a sad song, a song about the place in life where I’ve been the past half year. I also especially dig “Not an Animal”. Nice tunes.

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