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Kelley Stoltz: “I Remember, You Were Wild”

December 11, 2010

If you care enough to this read blog on a semi-regular basis, you will have noticed that I am, at this very moment, returning from a month-and-a-half-long hiatus. This is not because I’m dead and speaking to you from the grave—or, worse, the gates of Hades right now—nor have I decided that I loathe writing and wish to never put my pen to the page again (so to speak). No, friends. I did it for your benefit and your benefit alone. When I realized how much I was using my blog as a personal platform upon which I could unleash my innermost anguish in a fiery ball of heartbroken fury unto unsuspecting readers everywhere, I decided it was time to rein it in and wait until I was in a healthier mental state to continue. Because music, for me, is inherently tied to how I feel, and I was feeling very, very, very low. Unfortunately, it took me some time to reach this epiphany because, when you’re in trenches of emotional catastrophe, you can’t see for the tears. But still, I didn’t need to drag you all with me into the depths of despair. It’s dark in there, and I think there might be spiders. The good news is, I feel better. The bad news, of course, is that I also feel badly for staying away for so long, hibernating in my cave of self-pity. And bars. With bourbon.

Unfortunately, during my breakup sabbatical and subsequent process of re-socialization, I skipped over about a million bands I found worthy of—and fully intended on—writing about. Although it would be pure punishment to list them all here, I’ve been known to linger in my state of leftover masochism, so I may as well: The Fresh & Onlys, Diamond Rings, The Black Angels, Tamaryn, Leonard Cohen. (I mean, please—like I need to tell you who Leonard fucking Cohen is.) Fortunately, another thing that’s happened since I last wrote is that I officially formed my very own band here in San Francisco, which got me thinking about Bay Area musicians I admire like Kelley Stoltz. I recently discovered his new album, To Dreamers, which was released earlier this fall and is full of major chord throwback rock done right. When I can finally stop cathartically composing songs about lost love, I plan on taking a tip or two from him.

Kelley Stoltz – I Remember, You Were Wild

Who: Kelley Stoltz

What: To Dreamers

When: October 12, 2010

Where: San Francisco, CA

Why: “I remember, you were wild. Always acting like a child.”

How: Sub Pop