My name is Sarah Gagnon.

These are some things I can’t live without: the banjo, Blue Bottle, the great outdoors, books, bacon, yoga, dive bars with pool tables, Philip Seymour Hoffman

These are some things I’d like to eliminate: my cubicle, Dave Matthews, douchebags

And these are some things I have an irrational fear of: sharks, spiders, horror films, babies


3 Responses to “About”

  1. O Says:

    I still can’t subscribe…and I want to (esp since I’m featured!…or perhaps “mentioned” is a more appropriate-yet-less-exciting way of putting it)…we need to figure this out. Simply adding this to my “Favorites” won’t suffice. I want to SUBSCRIBE, woman!

  2. Darlene Says:

    Hi Sarah, It’s D Nate’s GF. I’d like to promote your site to my music connections out here. Where should I begin?

  3. Fanfarlo Says:

    Please for the love of god – remove this photo:

    That was a stupid photo we took on tour years ago and posted on myspace and it’s rather embarrassing.

    Would be very grateful if you could replace it with one of these:

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